A reliable flow of parts to and from the field service edge

A reliable flow of parts to and from the field service edge

The visibility and control that ByBox Edge3 provides are supported by an efficient delivery and replenishment approach. To ensure that engineers can start their day with the parts they need overnight deliveries and replenishment are very effective. This overnight approach allows for later order cut-off times and increased flexibility for field service scheduling teams. Overnight deliveries also minimize congestion, reduce emissions and increase efficiency and reliability.

However, the round-the-clock access to our secure locations means that a range of delivery options can be accommodated, including same-day deliveries, where required. Given this flexibility, the specifics of the delivery and replenishment options differ by region.

“ByBox’s delivery and returns performance is greater than 98% which is great for my peace of mind. It’s backed up with an individual text to each engineer and end-to-end parts visibility for me and my team.”

Deliver a seamless service

To deliver a seamless service, field technicians want confidence that the parts they need will be ready for them at the field service edge. This can be achieved either by maintaining pre-positioned inventory at the field service edge or by moving the parts needed to a secure location. In both cases, a reliable delivery and replenishment service is important. Once secured at the field service edge, technicians receive an update to confirm that the part(s) they’re waiting for are ready to be picked up.

Similarly, parts used from forward stock locations can be replenished so that they’re ready for the next job. The same delivery and replenishment service can also collect items to start the return loop that will take parts back into to stock, be forwarded for repair or to be sent for disposal.

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