Supply Chain and Logistics

Ensuring on-time part availability in the field

Supply Chain and Logistics

Modern Supply Chain practices to meet ever increasing customer demands

Supply chains have become increasingly complex. While increased globalisation has brought new opportunities, increased pressures on free trade, along with resource shortages, has increased risk and uncertainty. Once landed in local warehouses the pressure to ensure the on-time delivery of individual parts remains critical to delivering a great customer experience.  The effect of these supply chain demands has seen increased stock holdings and a greater focus on returns and refurbishment to ensure that parts are available to maintain critical equipment. As a result, it’s little surprise that over 40% of the supply chain delivery costs are to and from the field service edge. In response, supply chain teams are working with operations and field service teams to modernise their field inventory, securely holding parts closer to customers to increase availability and reduce the cost to serve.

Improve part availability in the field with increased visibility and control

By transforming field service inventory across your business key teams can gain visibility of the available parts in the field. This frees trapped inventory and ensures that the required parts are available for the next job. This visibility can be extended to returns, giving supply chain teams visibility of parts being returned along with the opportunity to collect early condition assessments from the field technician. These improvements reduce the pressure on stock holdings and make deliveries and replenishment more predictable. They also reduce delivery costs and reduce shrinkage.

“The end-to-end solutions ByBox provide have greatly enhanced the services Vital Power bring to the smart metering industry” Director, Vital Power Services

Supply Chain Manager / Director / VP

Transform on-time availability of parts for field service teams cost effectively

Field Service teams struggle to deliver a great customer experience when the parts they need aren’t available perhaps because they’re lost in transit or have been delivered to ‘someone’ at the customer’s site. In these cases, sending and re-sending parts to the field can be time consuming and expensive. With our Edge3 solution, we provide visibility and control over parts in the field, allowing you to hold inventory closer to the customer. Combined with real-time visibility you know where your parts are and who can access them.

ByBox enables you to boost:

  • On-time part availability for field teams
  • Inventory optimisation
  • Part visibility in the field
  • Stock holding optimisation
  • Control over delivery costs
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Logistics Director / VP / Operations Manager

Strategically place inventory to ensure on-time part availability

Eliminate the need for expedited orders and expensive premium deliveries by holding inventory close your customers. With our Edge3 solution we provide visibility and control over parts in the field, allowing you to hold inventory closer to the customer, reducing your need for fast track pick and pack activities and same day courier deliveries. You’re also in control of replenishment and returns.

With ByBox you can boost:

  • Cost savings by eliminating same-day deliveries
  • Inventory efficiency
  • Predictable stock and warehouse activities
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Guide: Quickly Improve 5 of the Top Field Service KPIs

Most field service companies track 12 standard KPIs to measure performance. Many have taken steps to improve their performance by deploying field service software systems. Now companies are looking for an advanced level of improvement to save more time and money, and better serve their customers. Chances are that your company is in the same situation.

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