Effortless edge access

Secure edge access where your field service teams need it most

Safeguard urgent, fast-moving inventory with 24/7/365 controlled access in and out of lockers and secure locations for comprehensive security of parts, plus sophisticated door access controls for added protection.


• First-time fix and SLAs to your end customer
• Delivery speed of critical parts to the field service edge
• Engineer productivity
• Parts accuracy and control.


• Unproductive engineer time and cost
• CO2 emissions (less travel time)
• Inventory loss
• Service failures and penalties.

Core capabilities

Flexible locker access

Access your secure smart locker using our mobile app.

Real-time visibility

View which engineer has accessed which location and when, with real-time inventory status 24/7/365.

Access control

Add and remove secure site users instantly. When an engineer leaves your company, have their access removed immediately.

Additional capabilities

Further improve your edge access with these advanced capabilities:

Dedicated lockers

Install secure smart lockers within your site to manage your inventory.

Secure locations

Turn any space into a secure inventory location with smart lock technology.