Wide range of Jobs Available

The number of different jobs that can be filled by individuals in logistics means that anybody – no matter what specialist skills or education they possess – can take a role in the industry. From management level and taking responsibility for operations and orders, to driving lorries and handling cargo; there are roles for everybody.

Career Progression Opportunities

The chance to progress to management in the logistics sector is as strong as any. By learning and training on the job, logistics employees learn about operations from the bottom upwards and enhance their career prospects through experience. Warehouse operatives and drivers can easily pick up the skills, experience and qualifications which can promote them to other roles such as administrative, technical and management roles.

Excellent Opportunity to Network and Build Relationships

Because of the wide range of people that logistics workers meet, both domestically and overseas, new friendships and networking opportunities can be formed. This can greatly benefit individuals who wish to move into a career of international business because they are highly employable once they reach a level where they can converse in the host language and recognise the different laws, customs and cultures of that country.

Geographically Flexible

The nature of the industry allows many workers to be based almost anywhere that suits them. This is due to the high demand for logistics workers in most organisations, across the globe. The need to relocate to take a logistics role is highly unlikely.

Flexible Shift Patterns and Work Hours

A lot of logistical activity takes place outside of normal office hours, so whether it is driving goods across the country, supervising warehouses or managing contracts with clients, there is a lot of opportunity for staff to arrange their workloads around their preferred times – giving them more freedom.

Improving Gender Balance

As the logistics sector increases in strength, so does the composition of its workforce; an ever-growing number of female employees are benefiting from the buoyancy of the logistics and supply chain industry.

Female logistics professionals can also benefit from organisations like Women In Logistics UK, whose mission station is to “attract, retain and support women working in logistics and promote the broader diversity agenda”, as well as providing “opportunities for the logistics industry, and other key stakeholders, to support women working in the sector and identify and address the challenges to recruitment and retention.”

If you fancy a career change to a highly sociable and forward-thinking environment then why not consider logistics?