But how do you combat such issues when they seem innate to the city in which you are operating?  And when issues often go hand-in-hand with the benefits?

For example, walking engineers using the Underground to travel between jobs is both more efficient and cheaper than navigating a vehicle around the busy Capital, but it creates inefficiencies such as: bloated inventory holding, high sameday delivery charges and low-level of returns.

These inefficiencies can mean higher costs for you, missed SLAs and less productive engineers as they spend more time on site trying to locate parts than actually completing the job at hand.

In this day and age it’s easy to ask why we are still experiencing these issues.  Why, when we have so much technology available to us, do we still rely so heavily on manual procedures? And why, when you can locate your car in a huge car park using just an app, can we still not find the parts we need on a busy site?

We’ve definitely been asking these questions.  At ByBox we’re dedicated to providing technology solutions to field service problems.  And we’re honing in on big cities, like London.

We’ve developed a range of technology and Smart Box solutions recently, and we believe these solutions are a perfect fit for the Capital. 

If you’re interested in managing your field workforce more effectively in this area, contact ByBox today to find out how we can help.