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The ByBox Konnect Cloud Global Technology Platform Solution leverages Bluetooth, low energy smart lockers through a smart phone mobile application to help deliver an intelligent, secure last mile solution.

Konnect has been designed to work with your business to help revolutionise the last chaotic mile of service delivery to customer locations. This unique solution offering will help you provide access to mission-critical parts & inventory, increase Break - Fix SLA related performance levels, while addressing field service technician efficiencies at the same time.

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Spare parts management can be cumbersome while addressing mission critical parts and inventory returns can be a huge process to undertake.

Getting the right part to the right field service technician at the right time is always a challenge.  Increase efficiency and productivity around technicians replace new parts and inventory are always a high priority.  

When parts under warranty come back for repairs or recycling the end goal is the same; to deliver mission critical parts back to where they need to be in timely and efficient manner. The Konnect Smart Locker Cloud Platform solution is efficient and secure way to act as a single point of location for both parts deliveries and part returns to help streamline and fulfill, service delivery.


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With ByBox, you'll see an increase in visibility, engineer efficiency and effective trunk stock management.

The Konnect Smart Locker solution is designed to increase visibility, so you now can see where your mission-critical stock is at all times. Whether in a forward stocking location warehouse, or while in transit, with a field service technician, you will always have complete visibility into your parts and inventory through the ByBox Konnect secure dashboard available for you to access 24/7.  

The ByBox Konnect Cloud Platform through the Konnect Bluetooth enabled mobile application ensures your business has ease of use access all the important data you need and require to provide more effective service to your customer base.

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