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Managing spare parts distribution to maintain high margins

ByBox simplifies the process of getting spare parts to engineers

With the shift away from planned preventative maintenance (PPM) to condition-based maintenance (CBM) making the availability of stock direct and just-in-time to the engineer even more critical.

But with so many different parts and volume of suppliers, managing this is a huge challenge.

At a time when hard services roles are facing a critical skill shortage and qualified engineers are in short supply, paying engineers to drive to and from wholesalers to collect spare parts is non-sensical, yet in our independent research of FM Providers, this is the typical way of working for many of the largest companies.

This issue led to FM providers to give an average satisfaction rating for engineer productivity of 6.3 out of 10. 

ByBox simplify this process so that engineers can fix plant instead of shopping for parts.

6.3 out of 10

Average satisfaction of Engineer productivity from FM Providers

Engineer using technology to maintain stock visbility

Fixing plant instead of shopping for parts.

Using ByBox's network of lockers, engineers get the parts they need delivered Pre-8am to locker.

A major bugbear from the supply side is many clients’ refusal to make space for critical spares in their own facility so that any downtime is reduced to minimal levels.

Educating clients is one solution, but there is no guarantee they will be receptive, furthermore, staff turnover on the client side makes this a time-consuming and ultimately unsustainable option.

ByBox has a better solution. Using our network of 1,500 locker banks parts are delivered through-the-night. The part arrives in the locker pre-8am, and the engineer is notified that it’s ready to collect. No waiting around, no shopping for parts. The part is simply available when the engineer needs it.

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Our research of the UK’s top FM service providers and consultants shows that spare parts management is an area of unnecessary, hidden cost and hassle for most FM firms.

Our independent research reveals that the management of spare parts in the facilities management (FM) sector is inefficient and costing the industry millions.

There is no standardised way of getting spare parts to engineers and most FM firms use a variety of different distribution methods depending on the site, the spare, the location and the client. As a result, engineers spend more time looking for spare parts rather than fixing plant.

More stock is usually ordered than needed and is often more costly due to purchasing models. The knock-on effect further reduces tight margins and customers’ SLAs are missed incurring penalties. But, many procurement departments within FM service providers often consider the problem too tough to tackle.

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