No nonsense access to critical parts to keep customers running

Ensuring you have the parts you need for every job

Operations teams work closely with customers to keep their services running, and often feel the pain when problems arise. This pain is compounded when parts aren’t available or are trapped in the ‘wrong’ location. Improved processes and systems are helping to diagnose issues earlier, often remotely, but all too often a technician needs to be dispatched to the customer site to fix the issue. However, this isn’t straight-forward since 51% of first-time-fix failures are due to part unavailability which only extends downtime and frustrates customers.

Successful operations teams are modernizing their field inventory management by adding visibility and control to the field service edge, not only making life easier but also increasing the likelihood of a first-time-fix to minimize service downtime.

Give your customers the service they deserve

When you transform your final mile by adding visibility and control over the parts in the field you immediately increase the likelihood of a first-time-fix. This not only makes your life easier, but it allows you to offer an enhanced customer experience that also differentiates you from your competition.

With ByBox you can boost:

  • First time fix rates
  • Service Level Agreement performance
  • Engineer productivity
  • Convenient access to spare parts (when you need them)

“Fundamentally, we couldn’t operate our field services without ByBox. I would definitely say, we have delivered more value for our company the further we have embraced the ByBox solution.” Head of Contract Management & Commercial Partnerships, npower

Operations Director / VP

Transform your teams access to the spare parts they need so that they’re in control

Most operations teams don’t have sight of inventory in the field frustrating technicians and causing productivity, costs, service performance to suffer. With our Edge3 solution, you can modernize your field service inventory and gain visibility and control of parts to the field service edge

ByBox enables you to boost:

  • Service Level Agreements performance
  • Successful First Time Fixes
  • Visibility of field service inventory
  • Technician productivity
  • A more sustainable field operation
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Operations Manager

Make life better for your operations team

What happens after a customer schedules or creates a service event? Many companies find they have a gap after scheduling the technician as ordering the part(s) required is a different process which isn’t reliable. It’s often compounded by the lack of part visibility resulting in wasted time, increased costs and falling customer satisfaction. You can easily bridge this gap by modernizing your field service inventory. It complements your field operations making life better for your team and delivers a better experience for your customers.

Give your team the tools they need to boost:

  • Availability of critical parts near the customer site
  • Visibility in the last mile
  • Cost effective field deliveries
  • Technician productivity
  • A more sustainable field operation
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Customer Service Agent

Book the technician and the part at the same time

We understand that keeping your customers satisfied with the level of service you provide is your top priority. We also know that many companies struggle to ensure that the field technician has the required part(s) before arriving at the customer’s site. This leads additional service calls with frustrated customers and the need to chase up parts and re-book engineers. When you integrate with our ByBox Edge3 solution, you get visibility of the parts in the field along with secure locations for the parts, ensuring that only the allocated technician can pick up the part they need. Our technology also integrates with a numerous common field service management systems meaning that you can order a part within the system you use today.

ByBox ensures you can boost:

  • Customer service processes
  • Information to support your customers
  • Parts availability to the technicians
  • Visibility in the final mile
  • Customer service agent productivity
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Guide: Quickly Improve 5 of the Top Field Service KPIs

Most field service companies track 12 standard KPIs to measure performance. Many have taken steps to improve their performance by deploying field service software systems. Now companies are looking for an advanced level of improvement to save more time and money, and better serve their customers. Chances are that your company is in the same situation.

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