Storage and control where it is needed the most

Visibility and control over parts, assets, materials and PPE in the field

Having the right parts, assets, materials and PPE available is key to meeting customer expectations. Whether for maintenance, working onsite, or supporting your employees/specialist sub-contractors, jobs can’t be completed if assets, parts, materials or PPE are not available in the right place at the right time.

Existing methods only add to the problems:

  • Assets in onsite stores operating an “honesty book” system, lead to gaps for important items and over-ordering.
  • Contractors/employees have to delay work due to missing parts and materials, wasting time and reducing productivity.
  • Parts delivered directly to the site using expensive same-day deliveries are lost or misplaced and take time to find.
  • Missing PPE delays start time, reducing productivity.

There is a better way. ByBox gives you complete inventory visibility and control, whether using secure on-site stores for assets or ByBox’s locker network to quickly replenish parts and materials, our proven secure storage system and unbeatable logistics mean you always have what you need.


Secure storage onsite for assets

For everything that needs to be stored and used onsite, ByBox’s wide range of smart locks and lockers you can turn any space into a secure location, whether using a locker, store-room or even shipping container.

Our locks and lockers are Bluetooth enabled and accessed using our app. Employees/contractors open the door with the app and using their smartphone camera, scan all the parts they pick-up for their jobs or drop-off to be returned. No more honesty books, you have a complete record of when parts arrived, which engineer picked them up, who returned them and when, with ByBox you can locate your assets inventory, onsite securely.

Access can be assigned dynamically and flexibly so inventory can always be accessed.

How it works

ByBox collects inventory from your suppliers

Inventory is delivered to a secure location onsite (locker, storeroom etc.)

Users scan inventory in and out, maintaining full visibility

Delivery of parts and materials with complete visibility and control

For parts and materials that are critical to completing jobs, ByBox offers an efficient and reliable solution.

From OEM collections to forward stock locations and from technician pick-ups to returns. Our technology is flexible so you can integrate it with your own logistic operations or secure your own inventory spaces if a fully managed service isn’t what you need.

ByBox can also deliver key parts and materials. Access is controlled via an app and parts or materials can be assigned dynamically, meaning you still have access to the parts you need even if personnel changes.

You can operate with complete confidence that your parts or materials will be there when you need them.

How it works

Parts or materials are ordered via existing systems of the ByBox OMS App

Inventory is delivered to a secure location

Users access the locker and collect using the ByBox App


Supporting your PPE requirements

The correct and fast provision of PPE is critical for infrastructure companies, and ByBox can help you ensure workers always have what they need. With our  24/7 access to a range of secure locations, workers can pick up PPE from a convenient location, on their way to the site (or on the site itself).

PPE is ordered directly from your suppliers and delivered straight to secure storage. No wasted time looking for PPE, or cancelled work through none being available, employees/contractors can be efficient and safe.

How it works

PPE is ordered using our online system and is collected directly from your suppliers

PPE is delivered to a secure location

Users collect the PPE  and return any used or spent items into the same locker for repair or disposal

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