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As technology advances, we become more reliant on it working. From payment devices in retail stores to the computers, printers and phones we use in our offices.

While technology has been advancing, it has simultaneously become easier than ever to fix. Traditionally, companies would need highly skilled technicians to both install and maintain their technology but as more devices become ‘plug and play’, these technicians are spending time doing jobs below their skill level and pay grade. Many companies today are over paying for simple fixes, not best utilizing highly skilled technicians.

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Our customers know that ByBox’s Tech Service solutions give them access to over 300 white-labelled technicians. All of these trusted technicians are fully trained and vetted, and are available on an ad-hoc project basis, or for day-to-day swap outs and repairs. Onsite tasks can be completed on a next day, four hour, or eight hour basis with a 98.7% SLA success rate. 

Tech Services enables you to:

  • Free up your highly skilled engineers for highly skilled tasks - by making use of ByBox engineers for plug and play jobs
  • Take on project work that requires more engineers than you have at your disposal - by outsourcing the work to ByBox engineers
  • Know exactly when a job has been completed - so you can give your customers accurate and detailed updates
  • Get stock back into circulation and extend the life of your core business assets - thanks to ByBox’s repair facilities
  • Enjoy valuable peace-of-mind - knowing that our Technicians can be relied on to deliver the results you want

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