Introducing Switch

Introducing Switch

ByBox has been working in the technical services market for the past ten years.

We are specialists in providing flexible technicians, full deployment and rapid repair for project management and business as usual requirements. Alongside our technical services offering, we have also spent 20 years providing locker technology to solve both common and uncommon field service supply chain challenges.

How it works

Switch pairs our technical services knowledge and 300+ technicians with ByBox lockers to create a solution that revolutionizes the repair and swap out of technology. Currently when a key piece of kit breaks down, a job is logged, the provider locates the part needed and finds an engineer to complete the job the next day; leaving the technology unavailable for use for 12+ hours.

Switch uses ByBox App Lockers to pre-position stock near retail locations for easy engineer access. Having the part and technician readily available shortens time of repair and means many simple fixes can be completed the same day, without inflated urgent delivery charges.

With Switch, you can reduce long queues, increased wait times and lost sales for your customers, while reducing your own spend on inventory and delivery. Switch increases technology uptime and keeps customers happy.

Deliveries of critical kit to ByBox locker locations are made overnight and stock removed is replenished from ByBox depots on existing routes. By not making specialized journeys into congested city centres, we’re kinder to the environment and can guarantee delivery. The lockers also provide a fully tracked accelerated return-repair loop, making it cheaper, faster and easier to return and repair critical parts.

With Switch, jobs logged in the morning are completed the very same day and jobs logged in the afternoon are completed next day as standard.

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