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Simplifying the last mile of your delivery

Increase the success of your deliveries and SLA performance by tackling the last mile with Konnect.

The last mile (or yard) of a delivery is often the most complex. Particularly for large, global companies servicing multiple customers with large site locations.

The following factors can make getting parts to customer sites increasingly difficult:

  • High security and access controls onsite 
  • Multiple drop off points for delivery 
  • Handover of delivery dependent on human interaction.

Konnect lockers paired with a smart phone app create a safe, secure and reliable fixed delivery point, backed by 100% visibility. 

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of transportation cost is incurred in the last leg, Konnect eliminates this cost.

Right part, right place, right time

Konnect lockers remain in a single, convenient point at all times, acting as a secure and reliable recipient. 

This reduces the risk of not just your parts going missing, but of security breaches and access control. You control who has access at all times with notifications when:

  • Stock arrives on site
  • Stock is collected by your engineer 
  • If required, stock is returned to locker

Engineer miles saved across test sites in a trial alone

Increase engineer productivity, while decreasing engineer mileage

With parts guaranteed onsite when engineers need them, the job can be completed faster and more efficiently. And with no need to go elsewhere to pick up stock, mileage is dramatically reduced.

When a driver or engineer needs to access the locker, they simply use the smart phone app to open the doors they need, tracking parts in and out to provide comprehensive visibility of inventory.

Using a fixed-point delivery reduces transport costs, mileage and time spent searching for parts at a traditional site. The app and admin site ensures your business has not only all the management data needed, but complete access control to the app and locker – without needing a physical key.

Secure onsite inventory

The Konnect lockers can also provide and control on-site inventory. Locker doors can be used for the safekeeping of urgent, fast-moving stock, so when equipment breaks down all you need to get to site is an engineer. As stock is tracked both in and out of the locker, you will always have a comprehensive view of available inventory, as well as being able to provide access to the door when needed for additional security.

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