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Quality Policy

ByBox is proud of the role it plays in providing a technical and logistical support service incorporating locker sales and associated software services, 'in night' distribution, stock deployment, in-house repairs of electronic goods and on-site replacement of IT hardware.

Therefore, ByBox is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. This will be achieved by:

• Being honest and telling someone when we've got it wrong, so we can all help to get it right next time;

• Encouraging each employee to promote the virtues of the policy by performing to established standards such as ISO 9001:2015, health and safety and all statutory and regulatory requirements;

• Realising continuous improvement through the active involvement of customers, suppliers and employees;

• Providing the correct level of training and support to all employees to ensure we all have the knowledge, competence and capability to fulfil our commitments to our customers, suppliers and each other;

• Making quality objectives measurable, monitoring for evidence of achievement, and forming part of our employee appraisal program;

• Making every endeavor to 'get it right first time';

• Regularly reviewing our Quality Management System to make sure it is relevant to our customers, suppliers and employees.

The management will ensure that this quality policy is implemented and understood within the organisation by training all personnel to carry out their tasks effectively and as per laid down procedures. It is mandatory for all personnel to follow the procedures within this manual.

This quality policy will be reviewed regularly throughout the year, with a formal review annually, to ensure that the company's objectives and goals are achieved.

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