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Giving you faster fixes, longer uptime, and lower costs

ByBox knows the commercial pressures that our retail customers are under day. So we understand their low tolerance for technology failure, and their desire for 100% uptime. In retail, the latest figures speak for themselves:

  • 19 billion retail transactions in 2016
  • the average consumer spends $9,300 annually in-store.
  • 52% of payments are made by debit or credit card using point of sale machines
  • equipment downtime can cost over $4,200 a minute
  • Retailers lose 52 trading hours a year from point of sale downtime

It’s no surprise then that our retail customers want quicker fixes, longer uptime - and all at lower costs.

EPOS device

Enter ByBox

Our solution fixes your equipment and returns it to you on the same day. This will give your business faster fixes, more uptime, and cuts your costs as well.

We store fast-moving, critical stock in a local depot or locker. When your critical equipment breaks in the morning, we simply collect pre-positioned stock. Then we fix it for you on that same day. And equipment that breaks in the afternoon is fixed next day as standard.

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