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ByBox has worked with Healthcare customers for many years now. So we know that it is one of the most challenging environments for a supply chain to operate in. Organizations want to minimize costs, but without letting patient care suffer. And whatever they do, they’ll be under close scrutiny from all their stakeholders.

This is a hard balance to strike. Good patient care depends upon hospital equipment working properly. Typically though, service engineers takes 20 minutes to track down a spare part delivery in a hospital. This shouldn’t take any time at all.

It’s vital that hospital supply chain solutions are well-controlled and accurate. That’s why Konnect is the perfect solution for the healthcare sector.

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Konnect™ for clinical environments

Konnect is the ByBox solution to simplifying the last mile of our customer's supply chain, improving security, reducing transport costs and improving technician efficiency. 

Utilising smart, Bluetooth controlled lockers and a smart phone app, Konnect provides a transparent, secure and efficient platform for the delivery, return and onsite management of repair parts. 

Konnect eases the pain and cost of clinical deliveries and increases uptime of medical devices. Konnect has proven to save 38,000 engineer miles across just seven locations.



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Engineer miles saved across seven locations

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