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Thinventory is our market leading, true end-to-end technology platform for field service supply chains. Crucially, Thinventory is owned, maintained and developed solely by us.

Our software solutions span the entire field service supply chain. They allow you to gain complete visibility of your inventory. With full visibility you can reduce the amount of inventory you need, and be smarter with what you have. This has empowered existing customers to close warehouses, receive inventory direct from suppliers, and schedule engineers late in the day. 

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ByBox customers have seen inventory reductions of 40% through the use of Thinventory technology. With full end-to-end visibility, customers are able to best utilize available stock in the supply chain, allowing you to:

  • Reduce new buy stock 
  • Reduce inventory holding 
  • Manage repair and warranty stock 

Meeting your changing business needs

ByBox is proud to be the market leader in Field Services. Our Thinventory platform powers the entire ByBox UK operation, including our smart locker delivery and return management solutions. 

Thinventory gives your business full, real-time visibility across your supply chain, so not only are your engineers more efficient but your stock is too. 

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