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Reverse logistics needn’t be painful

Reverse logistics can feel like a never-ending process. In many cases, getting the right part to a technician isn’t the end of the story. Because after technicians install new parts, they need to get rid of the old ones too. There are many reasons why the old part might need removing. Maybe it needs returning for warranty or repair, or perhaps it needs updating or even recycling.

Whatever the reason, the end goal stays the same; to deliver the return part where it needs to be - quickly and easily for the technician. This is where ByBox comes in. Our lockers can act as a single point for both deliveries and returns. 

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All the tools your technicians need

ByBox will give your engineers all the tools they need to return stock efficiently. We do this through our two spares Return Management services - Blackstripe and AutoReroute. Blackstripe converts delivery labels into return labels with just a barcode. Each Blackstripe label contains a wealth of useful data so your engineers won't have to waste any of their time and your money removing labels of repackaging parts.

AutoReroute routes your repair part to where it needs to go. That could be to a repairer, warranty, back to warehouse or bad stock. You can manage AutoReroute either on the locker or through a mobile app. The returning engineer determines the part’s condition. Our locker technology and apps let your engineers AutoReroute parts anywhere you want them to go.

A simple remedy for these familiar business headaches

With ByBox, all of the Reverse Logistics headaches you suffered previously will disappear:

  • Your technicians won’t have to travel to multiple destinations to collect and return parts
  • Your returns process becomes simple with Blackstripe
  • Your parts will be sent where they need to be with AutoReroute
  • Your return and repair loop becomes faster and more efficient

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