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As dependence on technology grows and the intolerance to downtime increases, companies around the world are under pressure to maintain tight SLAs.

It’s critical for businesses in sectors such as telecoms, healthcare and energy to achieve 100% uptime. However, the complexity of dealing with multiple suppliers and intricate supply chains poses a challenge. Especially when adding the maintenance of spare parts to the mix. 

Installing and maintaining parts efficiently is the secret to success. Take the rollout of smart meters across the UK, for example; utility companies need both the smart meters and the engineers to install them. There are many ways you can get a part and an engineer to the same place. You could send it to their home address, to a distribution center for collection, or directly to the customer’s home, all of which may get the part to the engineer, but lack efficiency and visibility.

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pre-8am delivery success

At ByBox, we believe the answer lies in lockers and technology

At ByBox, we send stock to one of our 1,500 locker banks through-the-night. The part arrives in the locker pre-8am, and the engineer is notified that it’s ready to collect.

Lockers solve the problem of marrying part and engineer. However, ByBox’s technology does much more than that. Stock is distributed and tracked using Thinventory™, ByBox’s proprietary technology. Our customers can see where stock is at all times - en route, in the locker, or with the engineer.

Say, for example, a part an engineer needed turns out to be faulty. The engineer can’t use it for the job that needs doing and is now stuck with a part that must be sent somewhere. With returns managed by Thinventory this can all be completed at the locker with the part being sent to where it needs to be. That could be to a repairer, warranty, bad stock – or an option unique to that company.

Case Study:

Costa Express


Costa Express are constantly upgrading their machines to improve customer experience. Their biggest challenge is how they keep track of all the parts required and ensure they are delivered at the right time to the right place.


Costa Express use ByBox’s Thinventory to improve Supply Chain visibility. With Thinventory they have complete picture of all the stock they currently have in the field, enabling them to make intelligent decisions about job scheduling and when to reorder. It also means that no orders get lost in transit.

Make better-informed management decisions

ByBox’s Thinventory technology provides you with full tracking and visibility and gives you valuable virtual warehousing capabilities. You’ll know where every part is at every moment of the day. This means you’ll be free to make better and more informed management decisions at all stages of the process.

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Pre-8am delivery success

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