Sometimes the answer is yes it does, but that leads to a further question – can we be equally as productive but work less? The technology we are provided makes it easy to be switched ‘on’ 24/7 but how can this same technology make our lives easier, enabling us to work smarter, not harder?

For engineers completing jobs on the move, the ability to complete an additional job would often mean working for an extra hour or two, but what if the technology they carry each and every day could help them to complete an extra job each day while working the same hours? At ByBox that’s exactly what we help engineers to achieve.

Using Smart Box collection and returns, engineers can pick up the parts they need pre-8am. The Smart Box they are collecting from is usually only three miles from their home or place of work and they receive text and email notifications when the delivery has been made. This combination reduces the amount of time mobile engineers spend waiting for parts, driving to collect parts or attempting to chase down parts on site.  And with our clever IT it also means all events are system driven, so no need for manual paperwork processes which are time consuming and unproductive. The time reduced spent on these unproductive, unnecessary tasks can often lead to an extra job a day.

The technology that sits behind the ByBox operation and our smart phone apps provide higher level tracking, greater visibility and helps to make high-level decisions about where to send your stock and when.  With the rise of Big Data and Internet of Things, in the future this could mean making a decision before it’s even required, reducing same-day deliveries, missed SLAs and last minute jobs dropping on to an engineer’s workload.

The key to working smarter, not harder is by working with a company that enables you to use technology to its full advantage, providing you with greater visibility, easier collections and a reliable service.

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