December 25, 2017 – As sun rays burst through the windows, Santa wakes to face a cold reality. His head is pounding. He feels the room spinning. And he’s overcome by shame as he spots a discarded kebab wrapper on his bedroom floor.

Even in this state, he’s clear that last night’s indulgence was a futile attempt to forget the disaster that was Christmas 2017.  

No amount of dancing, comfort food, or egg nogg could cover the mistakes made on Christmas Eve. The crying children, the decline in elf morale, and all of the broken promises...

Aged over 1,700 years old, he realises he can’t do it all. It’s time to turn to tech.

Now in a global exclusive, ByBox is proud to reveal that it will be providing technology services to Santa. Together, the team will revolutionise Christmas - the world’s most complex distribution and logistics operation.

Santa will control the entire Christmas operation via ByBox’s technology platforms, with total visibility of present stock, deliveries and sleigh repairs.


No-one should see Santa crying – emotionally and physically broken. But that’s what happened when he collapsed during a toilet break at a donut store car park in Connecticut. Ego alone had driven him to seek the glory of delivering millions of gifts on his own.

Pride dented, but acutely aware of his responsibilities, Santa has stepped up. Working with ByBox, he’s set up a new distribution network –  using our cutting edge technology to control a new toy warehouse in Kazakhstan, a new fleet of 1,000 sleighs, and a support team comprising 500 of his most trusted elves.


In hindsight, with a sleigh covering 1,800 miles per second all night, Santa should have predicted some mechanical failures.

So it was unacceptable to become embroiled in a conflict with air traffic control as his sleigh engine failed - sending him tumbling towards the Malibu home of Barbra Streisand.

In 2018, to further enhance ‘elf and safety’, ByBox will provide banks of app lockers stocked with critical repair equipment ‘on the ground,’ at strategic locations including the Great Wall of China, and The Magic Roundabout in Swindon. Engineer Elves working in the field will use smart phones to access replacement sleigh engines and GPS systems.

The lockers will also include emergency carrots and water supplies to keep the Reindeer Krew in tip top condition.


Elf Bernard has supported Santa for more than 500 years. And Father Christmas knows that asking him to produce 50 million extra toys un-necessarily was a step too far.

He only had himself to blame. His visibility of inventory was poor, and he panicked – wildly over-producing toys just in case. To end up with 20 million spare L.O.L Dolls was shameful.

This time, he’ll use ByBox technologies to maintain a full audit trail of his toy stock. There will be no need to order excessive numbers of L.O.L dolls – and hear their relentless spiteful laughing – ever again.

ByBox can’t wait to use technology to make 2018 a truly ‘Appy’ Christmas, and put Santa back in his rightful place as The Man. The Myth. The Legend.