Data drives everything we do at ByBox. We developed the mantra “move the data not the part” a few years ago, and this remains at the core of our thinking today.

Thinventory™ is our proprietary software platform. It is owned, maintained and developed solely by us. So if you choose to work with ByBox, you’re dealing with a technology company that is also expert at running field service supply chains.

We are relentless in our search for innovation and will act quickly to implement whatever we commit to develop next. Our focus is always on supporting our customers to be more successful. That way, we both win.

We have developed software solutions that span the entire field service supply chain. From closing warehouses and pulling inventory direct from a supplier, to dynamic re-routing tools to allow customers to schedule engineers late in the day, to clever mobile applications that provide complete visibility of your inventory.

We lead the way in field service technology and help customers to permanently lower inventories and eradicate unnecessary transport costs. Engineer productivity is increased whilst enhancing the SLAs to your customer. Helping customers to reduce the cost per call and improve first time fix rates through the use of clever software solutions has been the backbone of our business for over 15 years. This is why Thinventory™ is the market leading true end-to-end technology platform for field service supply chains.

  • The Virtual Warehouse

    Customers who use Thinventory™ Lite and Enterprise enjoy great visibility of their inventory. Whether it’s in a warehouse, on an engineer’s van or on its way to repair, Thinventory™ will know. Having this total inventory picture means SLAs are increased because parts can be better positioned and customers spend less money on new stock, distribution and repair.

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  • Thinventory™ Enterprise

    Thinventory™ Enterprise is our full scale Thinventory™ platform. This encompasses a range of Thinventory™ components including our Warehouse Management System (WMS) and, where needed, Forward Stock Locations.

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  • Thinventory™ Lite

    Thinventory™ Lite gives customers the ability track inventory, not just parcels, across the supply chain, meaning customers can enjoy all the benefits of Thinventory™ Basic but can also monitor and track specific part numbers as they go out to engineers and back. This adds a whole new dimension to the ByBox service and allows customers to reduce inventory levels and operating costs significantly. Using our Despatcher+ software we capture your part number at the point of dispatch from your warehouse, then we use Thinventory™ Track&Trace to monitor where the part is at any point in time whether its en-route to one of our App Boxes, with an engineer or on its way back to a repairer.

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  • Thinventory™ Basics

    Thinventory™ Basics is our entry level solution for customers who just want a basic level of visibility of what’s moving where in the supply chain. Thinventory™ Despatcher provides web-based access to our label creation system, allowing you to capture a unique tracking reference for each parcel shipped. ByBox agrees a daily collection time with you, and from here we take over. Our drivers scan each parcel out of your location, ensuring there is a ’handshake‘ from you to us. All parcels are scanned through our network to their end destination, in-night, pre-8am to one of our Smart Boxes. Upon delivery, Thinventory™ can send an email or SMS alert to your engineer so they know they have parts ready for collection.

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  • Thinventory™ Big Data

    Having data is great, and Thinventory™ processes huge amounts of data every day. For field service, the amount of data we have is critical to delivering our unique platform of services. But most of this data is historical: an engineer has just collected an expensive network card; a repair has just been made; an urgent order has just been fulfilled at 3am in the morning, and so on.

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  • Smart Boxes

    Smart Boxes are at the heart of our business and provide a unique way for field engineers to access and return parts 24/7/365 across the UK (and beyond). Unlike manned handover points, there’s no queuing at our Smart Boxes and the number of locations (over 850 across the UK) ensures engineer travel times are vastly reduced when compared to a typical counter service.

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  • Mobile Applications

    With technology becoming increasingly mobile, ByBox has developed a number of mobile applications to ensure information is on hand and decisions can be made at all times, regardless of location. Field engineers can now confirm collections and make returns remotely on a mobile device using our Thinventory™ Verify application.


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  • Customer Integration

    Thinventory™ has been integrated to a number of software platforms over the years, and our 40-strong software development team is experienced in delivering integrated solutions on time, to plan and to an agreed specification. We insist on the latter, as it’s important we agree the requirements upfront with our customers to ensure everything has been captured.

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  • Stockonnect

    Modular, low-cost Smart Boxes are connected with high-tech software to deliver simple solutions for global supply chains. 

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