Make better business decisions with full stock visibility

Since we started in Silicon Valley, we’ve been determined to solve the logistics problems that businesses worldwide suffer from. We saw how wasted journeys, swollen inventories, and lack of stock visibility had caused numerous issues in every industry sector.

Thinventory drives our UK operation

Twenty years on, ByBox is proud to be the market leader in Field Service Solutions. Our Thinventory platform drives the entire ByBox UK operation, as well as many customer supply chains and warehouses. Thinventory gives your business full, real-time visibility across your supply chain.

First developed by our in-house teams in 2007, Thinventory is our proprietary software system. It is completely owned by ByBox. We are constantly updating and improving it, to reflect the changing needs of our customers.

Thinventory drives our UK operation

Bespoke software solution

Thinventory is a bespoke end-to-end software solution, that we can tailor to your specific requirements. By helping your business to make smarter decisions, Thinventory will reduce your:

  • Inventory - through full visibility of your stock chain
  • Repair spend - through life cycle tracking
  • New stock spend
  • Stock/ loss shrinkage
  • Obsolescence
  • Spending on same day transport

Thinventory will also improve the efficiencies of your engineers.

Giving you full control of your supply chain

ByBox customers can see exactly where their parts are, at all times.

Thinventory manages the whole process for you. It works by capturing key event data onto the system, at every point in your supply chain. This means that your business can make smarter decisions on where these parts need to be, and the best way to get them there.

Giving you full control of your supply chain

Access the latest accurate management data - wherever you are

Across all aspects of our customers’ operations, technology is increasingly mobile. To make the smartest business solutions, they need to have all the data they require on hand. Their information must be up-to-date, accurate, and quickly available. That’s why our customers turn to ByBox, and our range of specially-developed mobile apps.

Thinventory Mobile allows customers to access data remotely on any handheld device. So you can make better decisions, reduce your costs and improve your SLAs.

Access the latest accurate management data - wherever you are

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