Simplifying the final mile of delivery - with astonishing results

From our twenty years in the industry, we know that the last mile of a delivery is the most insecure and complicated part of the supply chain. In most cases, it’s the only part of the supply chain process that nobody has direct control over. Which means the last mile can account for a staggering 50% of your total delivery cost.

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Your parts in the right place at the right time

ByBox developed Konnect to simplify the supply chain. Konnect turns chaotic handovers into an efficient business process with full tracking. It lets both you and the recipient know:

  • When a package arrives
  • What the package is
  • Where it’s located
  • Who is supposed to collect it
Your parts in the right place at the right time

Single convenient point for your deliveries

All deliveries are directed to a single point, the Konnect locker. The locker sits onsite and is operated entirely through the intelligent Konnect app, which is integrated with Bluetooth technology.

Konnect is designed to reduce transport costs, mileage and time spent searching for parts at a traditional site.

Single convenient point for your deliveries

100% visibility with the Konnect App

The intuitive Konnect app uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with and control the Bluetooth locks within Konnect lockers. We use smart phone intelligence to ensure your business has all the management data they need, as well as having complete access control.

Safe and secure onsite inventory

The Konnect solution can also provide and control secure onsite inventory for your business. ByBox will hold the parts conveniently close to where you require them. So you won’t be hit with any more costly same-day transport and out-of-hours charges.

Safe and secure onsite inventory

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