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In 2012, the UK government announced that they were rolling out smart meters across England, Scotland and Wales. For utilities companies, this meant a sudden spike in demand for smart meters.

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Because we’d worked with smart metering companies for years, we knew the sector inside out. In addition, our technology solutions work particularly well for projects of this scale. ByBox benefits include:

  • Pre-8am delivery to a fixed location
  • Full tracking
  • Access to over 300 extra engineers
  • Meeting current and future demand
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Hands-on account management

Today, we’re proud to have many smart metering companies as customers. Our account management teams work closely with them. We ensure they can cope with current demand, and any future demand spikes. By doing this, we’re helping with the rollout of up to 53 million smart meters by 2020.

We hold regular workshops and reviews, that allow us to implement new cost and time saving processes. Examples include Advanced Shipping Notices, and repair facilities. On average, we save our customers £300,000 each year.

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