Keeping you ahead of trends, and helping you predict growth areas

We’re delighted to work with some of the UK’s leading IT and technology firms. One of the UK’s fastest growing-sectors, it’s estimated to be worth £161 billion. IT and technology is also growing 32% faster than the rest of the UK Economy.

This booming sector is getting more competitive by the day. It’s vital that our customers stay ahead of trends, and can predict potential growth areas. To help them do this, we provide a range of help and support. Most notably, we supply specialist managed services.

Support tailored to your needs

We support a range of businesses across the IT sector, from Managed Service Providors to Original Equipment Manufacturers to Value Added Resellers. ByBox services are tailored to best suit customer needs, but usually involve providing, installing and maintaining IT equipment and offering access to our 300+ Flexible Technicians.

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