Disrupting the delivery market with locker technology and apps across sectors

Since we began life twenty years ago in Silicon Valley, we’ve always put technology and fresh thinking at the center of our activities. This disruptive approach allows us to tackle many of the problems that hamper the logistics industry, eliminating avoidable costs and unnecessary delays for businesses across the world.

Global reach, personal service

Our Global Technology encompasses all of our proprietary software that can be applied across the planet. We’re proud that ByBox software is installed in over 27 countries worldwide. Wherever your business is and whatever sector you’re in, we’ll help reduce your costs and increase your productivity. Our specialist teams will make sure you find exactly the right software and application for your needs.

Innovation and success

Thinventory™ is our market leading, true end-to-end technology platform for field service supply chains. Crucially, Thinventory is owned, maintained and developed solely by us.

Our software solutions span the entire field service supply chain. They allow you to:

  • Close warehouses and pull inventory direct from a supplier
  • Schedule engineers late in the day
  • Gain complete visibility of your inventory.

Constantly evolving

In the world of technology there is an expectation for companies to constantly evolve and change to support the market. That's why we regularly come up with new solutions to suit the direction in which our customers are heading. Our Konnect software utilises smart phone applications and Bluetooth technology to ensure your parts are where they need to be, provide full visibility and allow you to stay in control of your supply chain.

Ongoing commercial benefits

ByBox leads the way in field service technology. We can help you to permanently:

  • Lower your inventories
  • Eradicate unnecessary transport costs
  • Increase your engineer productivity
  • Enhance your SLAs to your customers

We’re relentless in our search for innovation. Our team acts quickly to implement whatever we commit to develop next. Because by helping you become more successful, we become more successful too. It’s as simple as that.

Ongoing commercial benefits

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