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Environmental Policy

ByBox is proud of the role it plays in providing a technical and logistical support service incorporating locker sales and associated software services, 'in night' distribution, stock deployment, in-house repairs of electronic goods and on-site replacement of IT hardware. As such recognises that its activities have an impact on the environment in terms of the use of raw materials, emissions to air and water, and waste generation, and seek to minimise this as far as reasonably practicable. 

ByBox is committed to:

  • Continual improvement in its environmental performance;
  • Preventing pollution and adverse environmental impact through the prevention of pollution and also harm and degradation to the natural environment;
  • Compliance with all obligations including environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice relevant to its business.

It is the policy of ByBox to:

  • Make efficient use of natural resources by conserving energy and water, minimising waste, and recycling or reusing where possible;
  • Meet its duty of care requirements in relation to waste by ensuring the safe keeping, transportation and disposal of waste;
  • Keep transport to a minimum and ensure that vehicles are regularly serviced to maintain their efficiency;
  • Work with service providers to ensure they recognise and reduce the environmental impact of their respective businesses;
  • Integrate an environmental management system within existing business management systems to identify areas of impact on the environment and to set objectives to minimise these impacts

ByBox will review this policy on an annual basis, taking into account changes in legislation and business operation, to ensure its continued effectiveness.

ByBox will communicate this policy to all its employees and ensure they are given the education, training and motivation to conduct their activities in an environmental responsible manner.

ByBox will also make this policy available when requested to other interested parties.

Click here for a copy of this statement.

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