ByBox - Covid-19 Advice

Using ByBox's services during Covid-19

The outbreak of Covid-19 is an evolving situation that affects the way customers are using our service. We are working hard to ensure your engineers can continue to pick up parts safely and this page provides useful information for customers about using our services during the outbreak.

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Our advice for picking up parts

Overall, locker delivery is a safe method of picking up parts. Our drivers deliver through the night and your engineers can pick up parts at any time during the day, maintaining social distancing practices.

However, it is important that your engineers still follow the guidance set out by the government for good hygiene practices as well as internal risk assessments, control measures, and processes you have established within your business.

In addition to this, we have some suggested extra precautions your engineers should take while picking up parts:

  • Travel to your locker when you get a text to say your part has arrived to avoid unnecessary journeys.
  • If there are other engineers collecting parts when you arrive at the site, wait for them to finish their collections before beginning yours.
  • Remove your part and scan it away from the locker.
  • Close the locker either using gloves or with your elbow.
  • Where keys are used you may want to consider wiping down after use.
  • Where keypads are used on iBoxes you may want to consider using gloves or wiping down the keypad prior to use. 

Remember good hygiene practices at all times following the collection of your deliveries.

Our short video below outlines some of these best practices:

New hygiene practises for ByBox delivery drivers

To ensure the safety of your engineers and our drivers, we have implemented some new hygiene best practices that all of our drivers are now following.

  • Handwashing regularly throughout their shift.
  • Cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer has been provided at all our distribution centers.
  • Drivers load their own vans and sort their freight so they can maintain social distancing.
  • All drivers are given cleaning wipes to take with them for their shift.
  • Surfaces and touchpoints (steering wheel, handbrake etc.) in delivery driver's vans are cleaned at the beginning and at the end of every delivery route.

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