It’s a competitive world out there, and speed and efficiency is everything. It’s not just your business that needs to master the art of the quick turnaround and speedy delivery, it’s essential for every modern business. Here’s why.

Being Fast Can Get You Customers

First in the door often wins the prize, and if you’re first to supply a product to a potential customer, you’ll make an impact. Even if the product itself isn’t the best on offer, time-poor customers will appreciate your reliability and speed.

Being Fast Cements Your Reputation

Building a reputation as a company that consistently delivers on time is key to retaining customers. In some cases, such as with perishable items or time-sensitive documents, speedy delivery can be crucial. Your customers will appreciate your follow-through and will spread the word. Just make sure you have the tools in place to ensure a quick turnaround every time.

Customers Will Pay More for Speed

In the business world, fortunes can be lost to a missed deadline. If you can guarantee efficient delivery, or have built a reputation for providing it, you can often attach premium pricing. After all, an opportunity that can net a business millions is more than worth a few extra pounds for quick turnaround.

You Can Pride Yourself on Your Turnaround

It’s increasingly difficult to find a unique selling point in a world where most niches have been covered. However, having the quickest turnaround in your market is a benefit that everybody will appreciate. With e-commerce becoming increasingly popular, and online retailers competing on price, speedy deliveries can often be forgotten in the marketing mix. Whether you’re a brick and mortar store or a corporate, being first to deliver is often better than being cheapest. If you can deliver fast, make sure you the world knows about it.

Being Fast Emotionally Engages Your Customers

There’s a fine line between anticipating the arrival of a package and becoming frustrated with waiting. Given that customers will pay a 23% premium if they’re emotionally engaged with your brand, but are increasingly fickle with brands that leave them frustrated, your ability to deliver fast can be a great customer retention tool.

Efficiency and Simplicity Drives Business

In a recent survey on connecting with customers, 83% of respondents stated they would reuse a business that met their needs in an efficient and simple manner. This is largely due to customers researching numerous business websites before making a decision. With an efficient means of delivery and a simple ordering process, you’ll immediately put your business ahead of the competition. Keeping things simple and making deliveries quick will keep your business afloat.

Being Flexible Counts Too

Business doesn’t stop these days, and the most effective companies deliver 24/7. From same-day services to the ability to deliver at the last minute, flexibility will allow you to become the leader in your field. Add the ability to deliver products in the evening or weekend and you’ll have some truly impressed customers.

Online Businesses Emphasise Speed

In a world where music is streamed, books are downloaded, and high street brands are moving online, customers are all about instant gratification. With the UK’s online business sector forecast to grow by 25% in the near future, more people are accustomed to receiving their goods at the door. However, customers still want control, with over 50% of online shoppers in Britain admitting to abandoning an order because they were unhappy with the terms of delivery. With so many options to purchase online, a quick turnaround and strong logistics arm will mark the difference between retailers who survive and those who don’t.

Being fast is everything in modern business and this isn’t going to change. From making an impact to inviting customers back, those who can offer the quickest turnaround will be those who survive in the future. There’s never been a more important time to analyse your logistics and ensure you’re giving your customers what they want, when they want it.

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