ByBox’ Field Service Logistics division allows you to effectively manage your incoming and outgoing stock, without spending a fortune.

Our Thinventory™ software offers full visibility and reporting, allowing us to be really clever about what we do. With Thinventory™, customers can see where their stock is at all times and make intelligent, informed decisions about where to send it next.

In addition to this, ByBox has the largest network of Smart Boxes in the UK and a distribution network which delivers over 20 million items a year into Smart Boxes, seven nights a week, before 8am. We’re a technology company at heart, but we’re also really good at managing supply chains.

  • Through The Night To Smart Box

    Are your field engineers spending too much time driving and trying to locate stock? Imagine using a software platform that not only gives you full visibility of where your stock is but also makes sure it’s ready for your engineers to collect by 8am, close to their home or first job.

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  • Supplier Direct

    Have you ever considered how simple it would be to get stock from your suppliers sent direct to a Smart Box? We can help! With our SupplierDirect service, stock can be ordered from your suppliers via a Thinventory™ integration and sent directly to their engineer’s Smart Box before 8am the very next day.

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  • Inbound Europe

    We have designed our UK infrastructure around supporting the real-world needs of OEMs and other global customers, many of whom have centralised their European stockholding in a central location. Supporting their supply chains requires a hub that doesn't turn around until midnight in order to meet the arrival times of flights inbound from their central warehouse locations. 

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  • Return Management

    Our Thinventory™ return management solution imposes a systematic discipline to ensure you get your stock back quickly. A rapid return loop dramatically reduces the amount of money you spend on inventory. When engineers make a collection from a ByBox Smart Box, they can also return any unused, broken or faulty items. ByBox’ intelligent systems allow the engineer to ‘condition’ a returning part (usually either ‘good’ or ‘bad’). This systematically reduces the return-repair loop to as little as 48 hours. All returns are forensically tracked through Thinventory™, so you know exactly which stage your stock is at, 100% of the time.

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  • Inventory Solutions

    ByBox’ Thinventory™ system is designed to manage your entire supply chain – from picking and packing to distribution, returns and repairs. You can track all items live online with 100% visibility of their movements at all times.

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  • Outsourced Logistics

    Managing entire logistics operations can be a mammoth task, involving multiple suppliers, platforms and payment methods. Not to mention the various logins to different tracking websites in order to monitor the whereabouts of your stock. And for many of our customers, managing time-critical logistics is not their core business. What if you could strip this down to just one point of contact, one platform and one invoice, and maintain full visibility of your supply chain?

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