About ByBox

ByBox believes that with the right technology, we can help keep the world working. Our software platforms and physical lockers enable you to operate with less inventory, and to reduce your costs. As a result, you’ll be able to compete even more successfully with your rivals.

In today’s connected world, we expect technology to work seamlessly. And we get annoyed when it doesn’t. But have you ever stopped to think how many components that involves? Or what happens if just one of them breaks or needs changing?

That’s where our customers come in. We’re proud of the hundreds of blue-chip businesses we work with. They play a vital role in repairing and replacing the technology the planet relies on. Traffic lights. Mobile phone signals. Smart meters. Cash machines - the list continues.

And ByBox is behind them all. We create the technology that makes sure you get the right parts, in the right place, at the right time. To find out more, please get in touch today.


Stuart Miller

Co-Founder and CEO

"We have a persistent curiosity to make things better."

Stuart has led ByBox from a Silicon Valley start-up in January 2000 to a turnover of $105 million today. Stuart started his career at Accenture. He now focuses on strategic planning and prioritizing the commercial and technology developments for ByBox, as well as maintaining high level relationships with key customers.

Stuart fully believes in the power of invention and entrepreneurial spark, something upon which ByBox is founded. To ensure such traits run through ByBox’s DNA, he shuns the top-down leadership style, opting for the reverse so that rebellious attitudes and disruptive ideas can be allowed to grow and benefit the business.

Steve Huxter

Co-Founder and COO

"We build our teams with free-thinking, innovators - and trust them to deliver."

Steve co-founded ByBox and is currently Chief Operating Officer. He is responsible for service delivery, technology development and all back-office support functions. Steve started his career at Accenture (then Andersen Consulting) and applies his large-scale consulting experience to the successful implementation of process, structure and control into ByBox’s operational and technology development activities.

Pete Rowse


"We always ensure significant resources are dedicated to the development of our new software and technology."

Pete joined ByBox in October 2014 to support the company’s growth plans by leveraging its technology and software in domestic and international markets. He has worked in UK and US for VC/PE backed companies, large corporates and tech start-ups. Pete’s experience includes strategic planning, turnarounds and ownership, international sales, logistics and operations functions. Pete has also delivered an IPO for a US tech company, 5 public market fundraising rounds, as well as M&A and private equity transactions in the tech sector. 

Claudine Mosseri

General Manager - Field Services

"We are committed to being consistently open and honest."

Claudine began her ByBox career in 2004, after the company acquired Hays DX, and is currently General Manager for Field Services. She is responsible for all customer relationships and focuses on providing customers a complete service solution so they can improve their efficiencies. Prior to joining ByBox, Claudine held the position of Communication Technician in the Royal Navy, specialising as an Arabic Linguist, before joining Hays DX as a PA to the Sales Director.

Simon Fahie

Managing Director - Global Technology

"We're consistently developing and applying new technologies that help us, and our customers, to stay ahead."

Simon has worked in the supply-chain and workforce management industry for decades helping customers exploit technology for business gain. He now leads the Global Technology team that are growing ByBox’s international presence. 

Mark Bromwell

Director of Technology

"We're providing technical vision and the capability to continually revolutionise field service supply chain."

Mark has been part of the ByBox group since 2011 and is responsible for technology development. Previously, Mark has managed software development teams specialising in innovation within the logistics and supply chain sector. He has also worked as a software developer in the finance and banking sector; and began his engineering career by designing an innovative microprocessor architecture.

Ben Hudson

Finance Director

“We equip our teams with the most relevant financial information so they can make smart, timely decisions and better serve our customers globally.”

Ben joined ByBox in 2017 to support the company’s plans for global growth. His experience includes driving growth in private equity-backed technology businesses and implementing and developing growth strategies across international regions.

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