Low-cost, flexible resource model

With ByBox’s Tech Services, our technicians perform a range of on-site tasks so our customers can take on projects that require more technicians than they usually employ.

With Tech Services, you can:

  • Free up your highly skilled engineers for highly skilled tasks - by making use of ByBox engineers for plug and play jobs
  • Take on project work that requires more engineers than you have at your disposal - by outsourcing the work to ByBox engineers
  • Know exactly when a job has been completed - so you can give your customers accurate and detailed updates
  • Get stock back into circulation and extend the life of your core business assets - thanks to ByBox’s repair facilities
  • Enjoy valuable peace-of-mind - knowing that our Technicians can be relied on to deliver the results you want

Access to over 300 white-labelled technicians

Our customers know that ByBox’s Tech Service solutions give them access to over 300 white-labelled technicians. All of these trusted technicians are fully trained and vetted. Our Technicians can perform a range of on-site tasks for you on a next day, four hour, or eight hour basis.

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