ByBox’ Technical Service division complements our logistics infrastructure. It provides customers with a low-cost, flexible resource model where our technicians perform a range of on-site tasks on a next day, timed, 4 or 8 hour basis.

  • Flexible Technicians

    ByBox Technical Services has access to a large pool of sub-contract technicians who complete cost-efficient swap-outs, exchanges, collections and repairs on-site, UK-wide. Integrated both with ByBox Thinventory™ and our logistics network, ByBox manages the inventory to and from the technician, with any faulty parts returned to our in-house repair centre. 

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  • ByBox Deployment

    To help you fulfil contracts which require more engineers than you have at your disposal, ByBox can make engineers from our outsourced nationwide field force available to you.

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  • Rapid Repair

    Our dedicated Repair Centre is located at our central hub and provides a comprehensive back-to-base repair service. It also holds a comprehensive stock of spare parts – so you don’t have to. With ByBox rapid repair, customers extend the life cycle of their core business assets.

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  • Full Outsource

    ByBox Full Outsource enables us to share and manage our client’s workload. We simply become an extension of their engineering team and can range from outsourcing individual requirements to full ICT projects.


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