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To find out about our discontinued myByBox service please read below.

We started ByBox in January 2000 with a clear mission: build locker systems to help retailers and carriers fix failed deliveries. Today, there are thousands of ByBox lockers across several countries – all making life easier for people who love to shop online but hate waiting in unnecessarily. As you know, we went a step further in the UK and launched myByBox: a full delivery service enabling you to have all of your orders sent to a locker.

The great thing about myByBox is that it works with all retailers. But the unavoidable reality is that it adds additional cost to the delivery process. We hoped that enough people would value the convenience over the cost but it turns out that we were wrong, so we have decided to focus instead on the other things that we do at ByBox. Regrettably, myByBox closed down on Friday 13th February 2015.

We are so sorry for any hassle this is going to cause you and would like to thank you for being a myByBox believer.

We realise that you may have lots of questions, so we have pulled together a Q&A below. If you have any further questions please email

Do I get a refund?
Yes – we will refund the remaining deliveries to those of you who have paid for single deliveries or a price plan

What happens if I have a parcel on its way to you?
We will deliver this to your locker as long as we receive it before Friday 13th February

What happens if I think my delivery will come to you after Friday 13th February?
It is regrettable but we will not be able to accept deliveries labelled for your myByBox account at our main Hub from this date.

Where possible parcels will be stopped before entering the ByBox network. If however a parcel does arrive, we will contact you to discuss your options.

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