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ByBox has worked with Healthcare customers for many years now. So we know that it is one of the most challenging environments for a supply chain to operate in. Organizations want to minimize costs, but without letting patient care suffer. And whatever they do, they’ll be under close scrutiny from all their stakeholders.

This is a hard balance to strike. Good patient care depends upon hospital equipment working properly. Typically though, service engineers takes 20 minutes to track down a spare part delivery in a hospital. In actual fact, this shouldn’t take any time at all.

It’s vital that hospital supply chain solutions are well-controlled and accurate. That’s why Konnect is the perfect solution for the healthcare sector.

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Delivery to lockers

With Konnect, parts are delivered into lockers at hospitals. This means that engineers can collect the parts they need quickly and easily, where they need to do the job. You can be confident that the engineer and the part will arrive at the same time. Konnect:

  • Improves engineer productivity
  • Gives you a better service
  • Means your staff won’t have to play an unwanted role in the supply chain.
Delivery to lockers

Accessible with any smart phone

Because Konnect can be accessed with any smart phone, you can use any carrier you like to make the delivery. As long as the driver has a smartphone, you’ll be fine. The Konnect app provides engineers with full visibility on part delivery and collection. The app sends a real-time proof of delivery, and notifies the engineer that the part is ready to collect.

More efficient repair and returns

Thanks to Konnect, your engineers can “condition” items as either “good” or “bad”. They can also place any items that are unused, damaged or that they don’t need back in the Konnect locker. These items can then be picked up by the carrier. This is a more efficient service, and saves you the hassle of expensive same day delivery services.

Secure onsite inventory

Our Konnect solution can also provide and control secure onsite inventory for you. We’ll hold the parts conveniently close to where you need them. So you can forget about expensive same-day transport and out-of-hours charges.

Secure onsite inventory

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