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ByBox works with data centers across the world. We understand how hard it’s been to deliver parts to these vital facilities in the past. Historically, large sites and stringent security have made this process complex and inefficient. At the same time, we also know how disastrous equipment failure is for any data center.

This is where ByBox comes in. Our Konnect solution is perfectly suited to meet the challenges of delivering parts to your data centers.

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Delivered to onsite lockers

With Konnect, parts are delivered into lockers at data centers. This means that engineers can collect the parts they need quickly and easily. You can be sure that the engineer and part will arrive together. Konnect improves engineer efficiency, and gives you a better service. It also means your staff won’t have to play an unnecessary role in the supply chain.

Delivered to onsite lockers

Can be accessed using any smart phone

As Konnect can be accessed with any smart phone, you can use any carrier to make the delivery. The app gives engineers full visibility on part delivery and collection. The app sends a real-time proof of delivery, and notifies engineers parts are ready to collect.

More efficient returns and repairs

Thanks to Konnect, engineers can “condition” items as either “good” or “bad”. They can also place any items that are damaged, unused or that they don’t require back in the Konnect locker. Items can then be picked up later by the carrier. Your data center will enjoy a more efficient service, that will avoid expensive same day delivery services.

Safe and secure onsite inventory

The Konnect solution can also provide and control secure onsite inventory for your business. ByBox will hold the parts conveniently close to where you require them. So you won’t be hit with any more costly same-day transport and out-of-hours charges.

Safe and secure onsite inventory

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