Reducing customer waiting times from seven minutes to just seven seconds

ByBox knows that retail businesses everywhere are excited by the potential benefits of Click & Collect. At the same time, consumers often suffer annoying delays and queues when trying to use this service. Nobody likes hanging around checkouts or desks while staff search the stockroom for products.

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Konnect for Click & Collect

Thanks to ByBox Konnect, we’ll make sure your retail business never suffers from these problems. Our onsite Konnect lockers work like this:

  • We put our lockers close to but separate from your checkouts - usually at the front of stores
  • Online purchases are put in the lockers
  • Customers are sent notifications that their items are ready to collect.

This process requires minimum input from local staff. Lockers can be filled at regular intervals during the day, and filling only takes a few moments. After that, staff are free to go about their usual work because the collection process is automatic.

Much quicker transactions

This is the key benefit of our Click & Collect service. ByBox reduces customer waiting times from an average of seven minutes, to only seven seconds. This is a genuine win for our retail customers and their consumers.

Shorter waiting times also mean that consumers tend to stay longer in stores, and make extra purchases. In the past, they often left immediately as they were so annoyed about hanging around. If, of course, they didn’t just give up and head home before staff tracked down their item.

No need for an app

If you don’t want your customers to download an app, that’s fine. You can access Konnect through a tablet instead. In these cases, your consumers would be sent a collection code. They enter that code on your tablet when they arrive to collect their item. This code will open the right door for them as normal.

All of our Konnect lockers are supported by our Konnect technology. Every time an item is placed into a locker it is scanned, and an event is added to your system. Your system is then updated when a customer collects their shopping. This will ensure you always have a complete picture of inventory.

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