Getting your stock back quickly and without fuss

Over the last twenty years, we’ve come across many businesses that have struggled to handle their returns as effectively as they could. This all-too common problem leads to swollen inventories, and unnecessary expenditure.

ByBox can help your business avoid these expensive and time-consuming problems. Our customers know they can trust our Thinventory™ return management solution completely. Thinventory tracks all returns accurately and in great detail. So you’ll know precisely where your stock is at - all of the time.

By choosing ByBox, you’ll be able to get your return-repair loop down to as little as 48 hours. This will give you dramatic savings on your inventory.

Making your returns quicker and easier

Blackstripe® is simple, fast, and totally traceable. It guarantees the part reaches its intended destination. At point of dispatch, ByBox captures warranty-related information. We then include this in the outbound label. This captures the item’s RMA reference, and whether its’ under warranty or not.

Our Thinventory software then dynamically reroutes the return straight back to the supplier. It notifies the customer automatically that the item has been returned under warranty. Thinventory can also increase the amount of warranty claims you make from your suppliers.

Streamline your return-repair loop

Your engineers can “condition” parts at our ByBox Smart Lockers. They can record them as being either “good” or “bad”. Based on this condition, our cutting-edge Thinventory software will reroute parts to the right location.

Thanks to Thinventory, we can reroute “bad” parts to where they need to be – whether that’s with a repairer or warranty.

In the case of “good” stock, we can reroute it to your main warehouse.


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